Sartirano family

Four generations bond with a unique terroir

Sartirano family has been in the wine business since 1871.
The company’s development started with Mr. Sartirano Giovanni who, in 1910, began to set up the sale structure long side the production of wines.

In 1946, after the II World War, his sons Pietro and Giovanni continued to build up the business, branhing out and stepping up the distribution with a single mission: high quality production. In 1973 they improve the activity with an automatic bottling machinery and the winery takes the name Cantine San Silvestro. At the end of the 1980’s the company received new drive when Guido and Paolo joined the family business. In 1988 Costa di Bussia – Tenuta Arnulfo was purchased: this 27-acre estate is made up of entirely south-facing vineyards located in Monforte d’Alba, one of the most famous Barolo hills.

In 2002, the Sartirano family purchased the Ghercina estate: 7 hectares in the middle of Barolo region, just 3 kilometers from the Barolo castle. The estate faces the South-West, is 360 metres above sea-level and includes a natural lake called “Lago della Ghercina“. Here Paolo and Guido decided to build the new 5.000 square metres San Silvestro wine-cellar. The facility is 70% underground, preserving the perfect condition to produce high quality wines. Sartirano has strengthened the storage capacity (now higher than 15.000 hectoliters), wood ageing cellar and bottle wines storage for almost 400’000 bottles.